Bickersteth Room, Hart House, University of Toronto, Canada

Realms of Knowing, performance

Realms of Knowing is a collaborative site-specific performance in one of the reading rooms of Hart House at the University of Toronto, (the alma mater of both artists.) Its architecture, paneled walls wooden bookshelves, and hushed, almost sacrosanct atmosphere represents a kind of bastion of the old university establishment, a place of calm, order and power; it creates an ideal location, in which to investigate different orders of knowing and of truth.
Rubin-Kunda sits at the large table stacked with a pile of classic books and engages physically, intimately with the books - drawing and erasing, marking, stamping, licking, adding seasonal materials gathered from the immediate surroundings, attempting to bridge the gap between two paradigms of knowledge.
Moffat's reads, in a quiet voice or a whisper, a text by a woman poet, about embodiment, engendered knowledge, sensation and sensuality. Her verbal delivery uses conventional articulation as well as exaggeration, deconstruction, word reversal and utterance to explore sound and sense.

Presented by: WIA projects, Centre for Women's Studies, OISE, University of Toronto, Canada.

Link to: Realms of Knowing: Performing Books, text of catalogue of exhibition