Savyon, Israel

Lying in tree

An extended project, over the course of many months, in the remnants of an old olive grove, now the backyard of a suburban home outside Tel Aviv. Activities include treatment of the trees (such as knitting sweater around the trunk, covering bark with chicken soup powder), taking rubbings from bark, and more direct actions on the site.
The political, the cultural and the historical issues, musings on land, entitlement, justice, along with personal and ecological concerns, all exist as a context/backdrop to the multiple activities.

The project produced performance documentation, several video shorts, a photograph series, drawings, and sketchbooks, and an artist's book/catalogue.
*(available through  artist or through Vtape (

An exhibition of the project took place at the Artists' House, Tel Aviv, 2005.

Link to: Backyard with Olive Grove, a conversation with Lezli Rubin-Kunda