Salon D'Automne II, Herzl Street studios, Tel Aviv, Israel


"In the stairwell of the old building on Herzl Street in Tel Aviv, the cracks in the peeling walls remind me vividly of the maps of the waterways and canoe routes of the northern Ontario forests and fill me with a longing for those endless, wild, and uninhabited landscapes of my childhood. I begin to color in the forms of the lakes and rivers, and on the landing, under the projection of an image of northern Ontario lake country and recording of the loons, I plant a forest. This forest, like the many other forests planted here, is not at all like those childhood forests; evergreens, but not indigenous, not endless and uncharted but planned, orderly, planted purposefully and intentionally. I am attempting to bridge the two forested landscapes, the two worlds that I call 'home'."

The installation was created for Home Sick, Salon D'Automne II, Tel Aviv